Women Were Born With Running Shoes On…


Fellas, what do you think would happen if you told a woman up front, “I’m a hoe”????  “I’ve been known to tell a few lies in my past”???  “My last relationship ended because I cheated”???  “I’m married, not separated, MARRIED”???   Do you think she would run???  Say “Check please”???  Stop accepting your calls and answering your text???  If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, more than likely you’ve been working harder than you should and to be honest, you’ve probably waited longer to get a taste of the cookies than needed…  Honesty is always the best policy and it will always get you more…

Throughout history it has been proven, women love “Bad Boys”…  They love the chase that comes with men who have a dark side…  It’s like women want to be the shining light that helps him see the woman he should turn over a new leaf for…  Now of course it’s 2016…  A time in which everyone, both male and female withhold tid bits of information in the very beginning…  No one on the first date or even the first couple of dates share all of their past dealings, but when you feel the time is right, she’s able to handle the truth, and she’s someone you want to keep around for a minute…  You should go for it…  Don’t withhold the truth, she’s not going NOWHERE…  Now don’t fall into the trap many knuckle heads of the pass have fallen into…  Be a man and tell her before she finds out, this will only prevent you telling lies… This is how the foolishness of “All Men Are Dogs” all got started, let’s change tradition…

Now as ludicrous as this may sound, it’s truth…  Women love the chase and sometimes it seems (Click HERE to read more)


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