Pink Is For Girls…

Anyone who knows me, knows I love color…  I don’t care if it’s pink, yellow, red, orange or blue, if I like it, I’ll wear it…  It never fails when I wear pink someone says “It takes a strong man to wear pink…”  Now to me, it’s just a color…  However to some, men wearing pink symbolizes confidence and strength…  Sadly to say, there are those who use the whole pink thing as a way to question the sexuality of the one who is wearing it… Just calling it as it is…   So I’ve decided going forward when someone says that to me, my response will be “No, it takes a weak man not to wear pink…”  I’m so over the boxes people try and place us in…  Whether you know it or not, many of you are caged in a box…  You’ve allowed the perceptions, beliefs, and thoughts of people who more than likely don’t have their own ish together to imprison the person you truly are…

So, what is a real man??? In my opinion, a real man is a man who stays true to himself…  You can’t be real if you’re allowing the thoughts and perceptions of others to dictate your actions and thoughts… “Real” means authentic, not fake but true…  Authenticity produces confidence, strength, and appreciation for the person you are…  A man can’t be defined because every man is different… “Real” varies and until we learn to respect and accept others for who they are, we are going to continue to be introduced and exposed to fake @$$ men and women…

What is a strong man???  It’s funny how women say they want a strong man, yet when his strength causes him to lack emotion, they complain…  The world says men shouldn’t cry, shouldn’t take care of himself physically with (Click HERE to read more)


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