It Ain’t What It Used To Be…


Getting older sometimes sucks, especially when it comes to dating…  It’s like the older you get, the more you doubt yourself in some areas and question yourself in others…  It would seem by now you would be more comfortable in your skin, but this is not always the case…   The skin that cases your inner being isn’t what it used to be…  Wrinkles, spots, and sags are now visible in areas they didn’t used to be…  Breast, booty, and eyes aren’t as high and tight as they used to be…  Hair isn’t as thick and dark as it used to be…  You’re ready to settle down, but dating ain’t what it used to be…

The perception is “youth” is the “in thing” when it comes to men, therefore the number of single older men available for dating decreases (Men ages 30 and above).  Sadly to say, those who are single, around the age in which you are willing to date are either running game, feel as though they’re “God’s gift to the world”, or they’re struggling with carrying issues, baggage, and brokenness from either their last situation or childhood….  By now you would think they’re mature enough to know when they’ve met someone worth dating or even marrying, however their shoe size is higher than the age in which they act.  The men you’ve met appears to be looking for someone to treat them like a king, yet they lack a kingdom…  Older, but living like a college student with no car, place of their own, no money in the bank, yet they want to have sex like it’s 1999…

Then there are the older women who are available to date (Women ages 30 and above)… Beautiful on the outside, but bruised on the inside… Years of unresolved hurt, sexual violations, and toxic thoughts only God himself can heal…  Either they’re unaware of their brokenness or clueless to their worth…  They (Click HERE to read more)


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