“Ladies, Own Yo ….”

I am so over women not owning their insecurities; knowledge of their man’s inabilities to commit to one woman, and their exaggerated thinking of every woman wants their man…  Never in a million years would I have guessed “Can Men And Women Be Friends?” would have gained as much attention as it has…  I mean it has started debates, in depth conversation, and I’m honored to even say it’s sparked the creativity of a radio segment…  But what’s most irritating are the women who doesn’t want to own their ish…  YEAH I SAID IT, YOU DON’T WANT TO OWN YO ISH…  It’s sad but some women believe men and women can’t be friends or at least let me say they don’t believeTHEIR MAN can be friends with a woman and nothing goes on…

I’m always baffled when hearing a woman say “I don’t trust women because I’m a woman and I know what women are capable of”…  So those of you women who say this, let me ask you a few question’s…  Are you stating you’re capable of sleeping with another woman’s man????  Are you implying you’re a “Reborn” Whore??? Are you saying you can’t be trusted???  That’s sure in the hell what it sounds like…  So I know some of you are fuming right about now, but again as I’ve stated a thousand times before…  It has nothing to do with the woman, but everything to do with the truth YOU KNOW WHAT YOUR MAN IS CAPABLE OF DOING…  What I know for sure is…  A woman can throw all the tail at a man she wants, but if he’s not interested, he’s NOT going to catch it… A man doesn’t cheat because a woman offers him sex, he cheats because he decides to take her up on the offer…  Again, how much are you worth to your man???  Are you worth him not cheating???

Secondly, I give women the side eye who says “A husband and wife should be best friends…”  Now is that so???  And if it is, why aren’t you telling your best friend he’s not pleasing you in the bedroom?  You’re sick and tired of (Click HERE to read more)


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