“I See Potential In You”

Potential has gotten a lot of you into some major trouble…  The one you wanted didn’t have what you really needed, but because you saw potential in him/her, you made them the one you were with…  They displayed promise of doing great things; being a great spouse; being an exceptional parent to your children…  Through your spiritKAL eye (you know how you saints get spiritual all out of nowhere) you could see the two of you as a couple doing some great things in your future… Potential was the seed you saw buried inside of this man/woman and with a little watering (you pushing, you encouraging, you assisting, you helping them to see what you see), this person could grow into becoming the one you’ve dreamed of your entire life…

I was asked the question “Should you date someone with potential?”…  Well it depends if whether or not you’re the only one who can see the potential…  You see “potential” has gotten some of you into trouble because the one you wanted didn’t see it nor had they ever recognized the potential in themselves.  They were happy living a mediocre life…  Happy living from paycheck to paycheck…  Happy going through life as though there was no tomorrow…  BUT you saw something in them that they couldn’t see, so you set out on a mission to help (putting it nicely) them become the person YOU SAW HIM/HER AS BEING…  You thought if you were there to support, (Click HERE to read more)


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