“Not Tonight, I Have A Headache…”

It’s funny how women use “sex” to get what they want, but as soon as “sex” stops working to their advantage, their man must be cheating…    For centuries “sex” has been the secret weapon of women…  It is the reason many kings have lost their kingdoms…  It’s the cause of rulers losing their power and for some men, it’s the reason they’ve lost their minds… Women have used “sex” as their way of getting what they want, when they want it, and how they want it…  It’s used to control, manipulate, and persuade… For those men who tend not to go in the direction in which the woman wants, she cuts it off until he comes running asking her for forgiveness… “Sex” is the power many women are losing today…

The other day I was chatting with a buddy of mine and he shared what was going on in his bedroom…  Check this out…  He and his wife had an argument in which SHE WAS CLEARLY WRONG…  Later that night, she attempts to use “sex” as her way of gaining back the control, but he says to her… “Not tonight, I have a headache…”  From what he explains she was livid, goes into this unnecessary drama, and then had the audacity to ask “Who is she?  If you’re not getting it here, you must be getting it somewhere else…”  As serious of a situation as this is, I have to admit I burst out into laughter…  I’ve heard so many women say this very thing about men and I honestly believe this is a big bowl of crap…

Men, especially the good ones are getting tired of the treatment of women…  Women want respect, however many of them feel as though they don’t have to respect their men…  They use profanity when speaking, names in which (Click HERE to read more)


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