Men Hate Surprises…

Fellas, I think we all hate surprises to a certain degree, but one of the most hated surprises is being hoodwinked into believing you’re getting one thing, but later finding out it’s another…  You know like meeting a chic who says she works out, but later you find out she only said that because she knew it was something you were interested in…     Or how about the chic who is a proud sponsor and spokesperson for the “Independent Woman” Revolution when first meeting her, but later you find out she’s clingy, codependent, and unable to do one thing on her own…  But let me not forget this chic… You know the one you meet in the club who appears to be a dime piece (tight body and pretty face), but later you find out she’s a quarter…  Yeah you know, she’s just ROUND!!!!!  That tight waist came with the help of a waist trainer and body magic and that pretty face came with the miracle of MAC, Revlon, and Dim lights..  Yeah I know, a “WTF??” moment…   Trust me when I say I understand it takes a while to get to know someone, but dayum can you ladies give a brother a clue to the REAL YOU in the very beginning, so he can run as fast as he can???

The reason many women struggle with getting, keeping, and evolving a relationship is because they struggle with keeping up the illusion of being the person they thought men wanted…   They were hoodwinked into believing if you want a man you have to be, look, and act a certain way…  Now that they’ve trapped the man, they battle with being their true selves or continuing the illusion of who they believe he wanted…  And this is where the problem begins…Men love some surprises, but hate the surprise of finding out the one they met isn’t the one they have…  it’s like buying a car only to find out it’s a “Lemon”…  The outside of the car is beautiful, but the inside suffers from years of wear and tear (insecurities, (Click HERE to read more)


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