“Real” Attracts “Real”…

Okay, I came across the above picture on IG and I have to admit, that tickled the hell out of me…  It’s like really????  First, a woman posted this…  Secondly…  Fellas, how many times have your woman allowed you to go to sleep hungry, horny, stressed, frustrated, borderline depressed, angry, upset, sleeping with one eye open, and damn near regretting the day you ever met her???

The “Real Man” the above picture so eloquently describes probably doesn’t take into account why a man allows his woman to go to bed hungry or horny…  More than likely it’s not taking into consideration of how throughout the day she either caused drama or waited until you made it home after a long day to start some…  The funny thing is most times women waste all evening thinking about what they’re going to say; how they’re going to clock you on their findings, and school you on how they’re not a fool… They get so caught up into their feelings that they forget to cook, clean, or properly tend to the kiddos…  Not saying this is the woman’s job to do all of these things, however if you’re first to make it home opposed to stirring up some ish, how about stirring up some food in a pot…  I’m just saying…  I’m so over women saying what “A Real Man” is…  How “A Real Man” is  supposed to look, act, and treat her…  It’s like how do you know?  Are you a dude?

It’s funny how women can paint a picture what they believe “A Real Man” is, but if a guy takes the canvas and paints what he believes “A Real Woman” is, these same women would be pissed…  They couldn’t handle hearing “A Real Woman” should  (Click HERE to read more)


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