The Rib Of A Man…

So we all know the story of how WO-man came to be…  For those “evolutionist”, let me break it down real quick for you…  God created man…  Man has no TV, PS4, Google, SmartPhone or Stock Trading, so he’s somewhat bored and lonely…  God puts man to sleep, extracts a rib, and when man awakes there is this phine Wo-man named Eve…  Now that’s the truth, the whole truth and the truth I’m sticking with… So now that we’re all caught up and on the same page, let’s get to the blog…

I think one of the most misleading things in the world today is driven by the fact there are countless Single’s looking for love…    I mean everywhere you look, there’s someone single in the midst…  The world simplifies it by taking your attributes matching them up with someone else’s and instantly, YOU’RE PERFECT FOR EACH OTHER…   If it was this simple, there would be more happy marriages, an extreme decrease in the divorce rate, and more Singles would be living a life they’ve always dreamed of…  But it’s not that simple and men are proving this…

Men have reached a point in which they are no longer just settling for a beautiful woman to have beautiful children…  They’re no longer just settling for a woman with a good job and a great education…  Men are looking for women who are visionaries, dreamers, and grinders…  Women who can appreciate him for who he is today, but see him for who is going to be tomorrow…  Men are looking for the “right” woman because they’ve realized no woman is “perfect”…  Men are looking for the missing “Rib” in their “Cage”…

In the world today there are innumerable “Ribs”…  I mean beautiful, intelligent, ambitious, driven, passionate and sho in the hell phine “Ribs”, but unlike Eve, these “Ribs” are clueless as to whose “Rib Cage” they belong to…  They’ve sought out the help of EHarmony, Christian Mingle, Plenty of Fish, (Click HERE to read more)


3 thoughts on “The Rib Of A Man…

  1. I loved it.
    Its very interesting and different from the usual
    I dont agree on everything but u sure have a style of stating it.
    I just started my blog and I would love your comment or review on my posts to help me better my skills. ❤️

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