His Fault, Her Responsibility…

It never fails, men are always blamed for how a woman feels when it comes to relationships…  It’s his fault she’s unable to trust men; question’s the sincerity of every man she comes in contact with; believes men are incapable of committing to one woman; guarded; bitter; broken,  and it’s entirely his fault she’s filled with insecurities…  At some point her heart and trust were broken by a man who either lied, cheated or abused her mentally, physically, or spiritually…   Because of these things she now doubts her worth, value and unable to see just how beautiful she is all because of a man…

“If a woman has insecurities, it’s because a man gave her reason to have them” is something I’ve heard on numerous occasions from women while pleading their cases…  In their minds a man’s indiscretion is the reason women suffer from no self-worth; unable to see their own potential and beauty, and it’s the reason many of them question whether life is worth living…  Their belief is a woman suffers from insecurities because of the actions of a man she’s encountered, therefore this qualifies her rights to constantly ask him of his whereabouts; check his voicemail, email, text messages, Facebook, etc…  It empowers her to question every woman he comes in contact with and equips her with the authority to demand he cuts off anyone or anything that appears to be a threat to their relationship….  Because he lied to, cheated on and mistreated her, he now must deal with the consequences…

No man can give you insecurities, he can only give you reasons to walk away…  Insecurities aren’t given, they are created…  Created through staying with men you know you will never trust again…  Created through comparing yourselves to others…  Created through convincing (Click HERE to read more)


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