Can Men & Women Just Be Friends???

So yesterday I found myself in somewhat of a heated discussion about married men with single female friends… For some odd reason, many women believe men whether they are single or married are incapable of having a platonic relationship with a woman…  They believe “Just Friends” is a cover up for “Friends With Benefits” and just “if” a man hasn’t had sex with the woman, these women believe he’s either thought, dreamed, or possibly climaxed at the illusion of it…   So you know my mind got to working and thinking about how I would share this with you all today, so here we go…

It’s funny how these women who believe men aren’t capable of a platonic relationship in their responses limited it only to the gorgeous, beautiful, and phine as hell women…  Sorry Thick, Plus Size and Heavy Set Women, you’re not a threat, so kindly walk on over to the “Friend Zone” where your name has been filed…  (Side Note:  There are plenty of attractive Plus Size and above women who are smashing more men than skinny chics…  Don’t underestimate the power of a P.H.A.T. Girl)  They believe a man can’t have an attractive female friend and control himself…  Of course I disagreed with this and had to wonder how in hell a woman knows what a man is capable of doing???  Is she secretly a man?  Has she been with a man who has cheated on her?  Has she been hoodwinked into believing she can think like a man and remain a lady???  PUHLEEEEEEEEZE CHICA…  There are some men in the world who is capable of only being friends with a woman and never going there with her…

I said it yesterday and I stand on it today, women fear their man being friends with a single woman because of their own personal insecurities…  Because they don’t feel 100 about themselves  nor their place in his life, they feel threatened when an attractive woman comes along…  It’s funny when you get to the core of it though, it’s not always about their man having sex with the other woman; sometimes it’s the bond in which the two of them share the wife/girlfriend is jealous of…  Because he’s happier with her, always laughing with her, and she’s the one he tends (Click HERE to read more)


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