Check Your Spouse, NOT ME!!!

“Should married people have single friends???” has been debated for years…  Some believe because of the difference in relationship status the two shouldn’t be friends…  There are people who believe “singles” tend to influence those who are “married” to disrespect and dishonor their wedding vows, but I BELIEVE this question is as @$$ backwards as they come…

You see I have lots of married friends…  Friends in which I may not be close to their spouse, however I never disrespect their marriage or their spouse…  I understand because I’m on the outside there are extra precautions I must take in order to make this a happy situation for all…   But in some cases, no matter what the single does to make everyone secure, it never fails the drama and problems of the married couple tends to fall into the lap of the single…  So I believe the question is not whether married people should be friends with singles, but it’s more like “Should SINGLE people have MARRIED friends???”

I’ve stated a thousand times here on the site “people are fickle” and depending on how they are feeling at the moment determines how they will feel about you…  In the above scenario, depending on how happy the married couple is at the moment determines how the outside spouse feels about the single…  if they’re happy as a couple, they’re happy with the single (Click HERE to read more)


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