7 Things “A Man Can’t” Do…

No need in the opening paragraphs today, let’s get straight to it..

Here we go…

  • A Man Can’t Complete You…  So many of you are looking for a relationship to make you feel whole…  A man can’t fill what is missing in your life, it’s not their responsibility nor do they have the power to do this…  Completing who you are begins with accepting who you are…  It is something that comes with embracing your strengths as well as the areas in which needs improvement…  If you’re feeling empty all by yourself, you will feel empty with a man…

  • A Man Can’t Validate You…  So many of you are looking for validation from your man…  You want to know he approves of what you’re doing, how you look, where you’re going…  Validation cannot come from outside of you because based on how he feels at the moment about life is more than likely going to determine how he see and feels about you…  If you’re not feeling good about what you’re doing or how you look, nothing anyone else says is going to convince you otherwise… Fix what you can, and what you can’t, accept it for what it is…

  • A Man Can’t Stop You…  So many of you are upset with you man or men in general for something they’re incapable of doing.  When meeting him you had dreams and ambitions, but because of his controlling and manipulative behavior, you placed your dreams on hold…  Now that you’re older, you regret ever allowing him to keep you from pursuing your dreams… Sadly to say, you’re mad at the wrong person…  A man can’t stop you, however you can choose to stop… Many of you chose love for him over love for you and as a result of this; you chose to put aside what makes you happy to make him happy…  Don’t be mad at him or yourself, that only takes away energy you can be using to pursue your dreams…

  • A Man Can’t Make You Fat or Fit…  Some of you are blaming your man for your weight, and this is a bunch of crap…  He didn’t force the burger down your mouth, you chose to eat it…  Men may play a part in causing you to be upset, angry and furious, however they are not responsible for you overeating, not exercising, or taking better care of yourself…  It’s not a man’s job to make you hit the gym, nor is it his fault you need to hit the gym…  Take responsibility for your own actions of overeating…  Resorting to food isn’t going to fix your bad relationship, it’s only going to worsen it…

  • A Man Can’t Think For You…  Many of you are looking for a man to decide what you want or need…  You want him to know what it is you’re feeling and this is something he is incapable of doing…  The lack of communication is something many people and relationships are suffering from..  You must clearly articulate what it is you want, there’s an old saying “Closed (Click HERE to read more)


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