Waking Up On Your Birthday…


Depending on where you are in life, your age, your relationship status or your current financial situation, waking up on your birthday can be quite challenging…  Many of you dread your birthday each year…  You’re not where you thought you would be financially…  Possibly single with no kids or prospects of a future marriage… Maybe you’re unemployed with no leads on the job you want or a job you would take just to make ends meet…  Whatever your situation is, waking up on your birthday was hard or for those of you who are approaching your birthday, you’re regretting the day coming…

I can remember waking on my birthday in a relationship, but I was unhappy…  I was in a relationship that was horrible, yet I wanted to feel loved on that day and I didn’t want to wake alone…  I chose an illusion of love over a peace of mind…  I can also remember waking up employed with money in the bank…  I was working a job I hated going to, but because I had to pay the bills, afraid of finding another job with people I would eventually hate…  I chose financial gains over a peace of mind…  And one last thing, I can remember waking up on my birthday not alone, but not in love either…  One night stands were my way of avoiding the truth that having someone in the bed with you, doesn’t fix nor fill the void in you…  I chose sex over a peace of mind…

For the past couple of years I’ve awaken to a fully fluffed pillow lying beside me, and this year was no different… Today, July 18th is my birthday and  I’ve learned a “peace of mind” is the greatest gift I can ever give myself…   I remember the arguments, fights, and bickering…  I can remember the years the (Click HERE to read more)


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