Before You Hit “POST”, Make Sure…

If you’ve ever checked out my personal InstaGram and Facebook page, you may have noticed it’s flooded with pictures of ME…  Yeah ME and mostly only ME…  There are a few family shots, shots of me hanging out with a few friends, but the majority are of ME…  You see I’ve realized Social Media is a forum to share pictures, maybe a few accolades, but it’s not the place to share your business…  The truth that many of you fail to see is, half the people on there you don’t know and the half you do, half of them don’t give a damn about you or what’s going on in your life and the others are just nosy people who want to be in your business…

I’m always baffled by the explosive status updates, relationship changes, and those of you who tend to confess your undying love for the person you’re with AT THE MOMENT…  Now I know I’m not the only person who has that whorish friend…  Yeah I said “whorish friend”…  You see she’s not out just sleeping with random men, but when you add up all the men she has fallen in love with (Gave up the cookies) over the past 5 years,  she’s been with more men than a hooker at a State Farm Convention….  Every time she falls in love, her relationship status changes to “In A Relationship”…  Two weeks later “It’s Complicated”…  And 3 months later right back to the ole faithful “Single”…  Thank Gawd, there is no “I Don’t Need A Man” or “I Can Do Bad All By Myself” Relationship Status, cause many of you would be sporting it right about now…

So today, I want to share with you 4 things you may need to consider thinking about before hitting “Post”…

  • Before you hit “Post”, make sure you’re actually in a relationship…  Just because you’ve gone out on a few dates and possibly had sex, doesn’t mean you’re in a relationship….  Before you hit “Post” have a conversation with the person, make sure you like him/her and they like YOU, make sure you’re not allowing your need for the validation of others to drive this behavior…  Also, keep in mind, just because you’ve had sex doesn’t guarantee nor does it qualify a relationship…  It just means you’ve had sex, NO MORE…

  • Before you hit “Post”, make sure you can live with the consequences of what you’re sharing….  Many of you get so caught up into your emotions and before you realize it, you’ve posted not only your business but someone else….  People will like your post, possibly even comment on it, but you can guarantee they’re talking about it to others as well…  Be mindful (Click HERE to read more)


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