Fellas, don’t you just hate when women play games???  Games like giving you a gift to get a reaction out of you???  Acting a certain way to get a reaction out of you???  Saying things to get a reaction out of you???  Using your grind, passion, and dreams as a way into your life???  Sex as a weapon???  Your children as a distraction???  And games like ending the relationship to find out if you truly care or care at all???  Instead of being the “Real Woman” they say they are and approaching the “Real Man” they have, they choose to act like an immature @$$ girl and take the low road…  So for you ladies that are reading today, “Good Men” are reaching a point of no return and some of them are “Straight Outta F..ks” to give…

Over the weekend, I had brunch with a buddy and lunch with a homegirl who doesn’t know each other, but they are the “other” person in each others relationship…  So here’s what I mean…  He’s a great guy who dated this chic who didn’t realize he was a great catch when they were dating, but now she’s doing everything possible to gain him back….   My homegirl on the other hand is the chic who dated a great guy, but didn’t realize what she had at the time and now doing everything to get him back with no success…  So I got both sides and I want to share something with you women who are reading and guilty of doing some of the things I’ve listed above…  If you know in your heart you’ve done or currently doing any of the above, GROW THE HELL UP…  YOU’RE TOO OLD FOR THAT ISH…  If you have a “Good Man”, stop playing games seeking validation of where you stand in his life…  If your self-esteem is low or you are insecure in yourself, knowing where you stand in his life isn’t going to fix the problem…  Fix the real problem (YOU), and you’ll see your relationship fix itself…

So you’re wondering why I always write about “Good Men”, well it’s because you have Steve Harvey, Rickey Smiley and all these other kats to talk about the men who won’t commit; men who are cheating and telling lies; and you have them (Click HERE to read more)


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