The Man You “Say” You Want, But Really Don’t…


Anytime I write about a “Good Man”, I’m always asked “John, so what is a “Good Man”?”…    I believe I’m asked this because some women believe there is a shortage of “good men” in the world, so today I wanted to take up a little of your time to share my thoughts on what I believe a “Good Man” is…

Honestly Ladies, I believe a “Good Man” is the man many of you say you want, but really don’t…   You’ve said it for so long until now you’ve hoodwinked yourself into believing the rubbish coming out of your mouth…  You’re surrounded by “Good Men” all the time, but you can’t see them because you’ve been blinded by the perceptions of what “Masculinity”, “Manhood”, and a “Strong Man” is…     The world has caused you to miss out on innumerable “Good Men” because of the images, portrayals, and false illusions of what the “Perfect Man” for you looks like…  So you want to know what I think a “Good Man” is???

Well, he’s the guy who wants to talk to you opposed to texting you…  He’s the guy who wants to share with you his location opposed to you looking for him or wondering where he is…  He’s the guy who ask about your dreams opposed to telling you his… He’s the guy who fills your tank; hides money before leaving and calls after he’s left to let you know it’s there opposed to watching you struggle in the times you’re too proud to ask for anything when you know damn well you’re broke…  He’s the “right” guy for you opposed to the “perfect” guy for you…  He’s the guy (Click HERE to read more)


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