10 “Unattractive” Things The “Dating” Woman Do…


So ladies, have you ever wondered why after the initial “Meet and Greet” you never hear from him again?  Why things never go pass the first couple of dates?  Well I’ve picked the brains of a few buddies who I believe are great catches and for some of you, they are the man you’ve dreamed of your entire life… So let’s get to it…    Here are 10 unattractive things or mistakes many of make which ruins your chances of getting the man you want…

  •  Sell your mind, not your body…  Sad but true, many of you are so focused on impressing a guy with your looks, you forget to showcase your intellect…  Contrary to what many of you women may believe, there are some men who find the mind to be the sexiest quality of a woman…  A nice rack, tight abs and a round booty is great to have, but if you want a “Real Man”, you have to bring more to the table than looks…

  • If it’s not a “Hermes Birkin”, leave the baggage at home…  Ladies, we get you’ve had a few bad experiences with men, but we don’t want to hear about it, nor do we want to feel it…  Many of you never verbally express your lack of trust in regards to a man, but your actions speaks for you… Never bring your issues on a date…  If you’re unable to trust a man, YOU SHOULDN’T DATE…  Clear the clutter of hurt, disappointment, indiscretion, and let downs out of your life before trying to bring another man into it…

  • Lighten up, it’s not that serious…  Ladies, life is too short to be as serious as you are…  We get it…  Your biological (Click HERE to read more)


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