You See What You Want To See…

It’s amazing how our eyes can deceive us…  We see something, perceive it, compare our reality to it, and find ourselves wanting it…  Failing to realize everything isn’t always what it appears to be…  It’s just like how some women compare every man they meet to their father…   They judge and eliminate men based on the perception of the man they call “Father”…   Sadly to say, their mother knows the same man, but hates she ever made him her “Husband”…  As “father” he’s a great man, but as “husband” not so much…  Their mother knows him well and would urge good women to run from him…  She knows him as the playa that couldn’t keep his pants zipped, the liar who couldn’t tell the truth if his life depended on it; the abuser, manipulator, and the control freak their daughter says she hates…  Love didn’t blind their mother, but mother blinded her daughter to the ugliness of the man she loved so much…  Same man, two different women, and two different perceptions and realities…

Then there are those of you whose eyes are green with envy behind the lives of your friends…  They’re engaged, planning an elaborate wedding, and on their way to living in the big white house with 2.5 children, cute little dog, and the yard with the white picket fence…  You women believe their soon to be husband is charming, good looking, smart and a good man…  Sadly to say, so does every other woman, some in which are enjoying the same benefits and bed as your friend…  You’ve only seen the man she’s allowed you to see, she never told you about or showed you all the text messages, naked pictures, and questionable actions of her man…  What you don’t know is your friend knows he’s cheating but going through with the wedding because she fears being alone and always hanging out with you…  Same man, two different women, and two different perceptions and realities…

Then there are you men who compare the woman you have to the woman you see with your homeboys…  She’s phine, have plump and high breast, small waist, with a booty squats don’t hold the power to create, but only the Lord could make…   She’s everything (Click HERE to read more)


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