A Man’s Right To Choose…


Ladies, have you ever dated a man thinking he was the one, yet he goes and marries someone else?   You knew in your heart he was going to eventually pop the question, but months/years into the relationship he tells you “I’m not ready for marriage, I think we need to go our separate ways”, but later marries someone else?  After all the hard work you put into the relationship through supporting him, pushing him into greater, exposing him to new and different things, helping him to see the potential he possessed and making him the man he is today, this mopho has the audacity to let some other woman enjoy the fruits of your labor…

So maybe that’s not your story, but maybe you’re the chic who was really feeling this dude…  The conversation was great, the vibe between the two of you were off the charts, and you just knew for sure the two of you would eventually become a couple… You weren’t thinking on the terms of marriage (at least not yet), but you enjoyed him and it seemed like he enjoyed you, but out of nowhere he’s gone…  He stops calling, texting, emailing, and returning your calls…  You first check his Facebook and InstaGram page to see if there are any “R.I.P.” messages, only to find there are recent status updates he made…  You call him at work and there’s no “Out Of Office” message recorded…  So after a few weeks, you’re still wondering what happened and “What did I do wrong?”, so you check his Facebook page again only to see and updated profile picture of him and another woman….  WTF???  This mopho was playing you the whole time the two of you were kicking it…

Oh okay, neither of these women fits your description, gotcha…  So you’re the chic who has been single for a minute…  You’ve gone out on a few dates, but there (Click HERE to read more)


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