He Got The “Cookies”, Now What???

Today is Independence Day, however many of you are being held captive to the thoughts of whether or not ole boy is going to call you…  You gave up the “cookies”, so now you’re wondering what his next move will be… In my book “How to Win the Dating Game”, several of the blogs I’ve written, and even some of my videos I’ve said a thousand times, “Sex is penetration, not a promise”, but many of you are still sharing your cookies with men who shouldn’t be eating them…


Last night some of you had sex with a guy thinking he would love your cookies so much that in return he would love you…  You used your “lips” opposed to your mouth to communicate your desires for more…  Now it’s a new day, you’re wondering if your cookies were enough to make him want seconds, but you haven’t heard anything from him since the moan when reaching his climax.  You know your cookies are good, but you are wondering if not only he wants the cookies, but  the jar (YOU) in which they come.  Last night may literally be yesterday for some of you, but for others “last night” was months ago, but because of the emotional ties you have with the guy, you’ve been replaying the night before in your mind ever since.

Then there are those of you who let a man taste your cookies thinking you could get up and walk away with no residue, but you’re left with crumbles of insecurities…  You didn’t know going in just how good he was in bed, but after the hours of sex, curled toes, and screaming to the top of your lungs, you want to see him again….  What you thought was going to be a “One Night Stand” has you wanting an encore performance with dinner afterwards.  The agreement was “sex is all it’s going to be”, but he’s a nice guy and you’re a nice gal, so why can’t the two of you make a “Nice Couple”, right???  You want (Click HERE to read more)


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