Why He’s Not The Man For You…

Ladies, have you ever met a man who treated you differently because you’re educated, ambitious, assertive, and confident?  A man in which you felt you had to dim your light in order for his to shine brighter?  A man who says things like “You’re out of my league”: “I don’t know why you’re with me, you could be with so much better”? A man who says he appreciates the woman you are, but tries to make you the woman he wants you to be?  Or how about a man who complains about the love you have for the One man who loves you the most?    If you’ve ever met any of these men, I’m about to break down “Why He’s Not The Man For You”…

Before I go any further, let me make it known ladies…  ALL MEN aren’t intimidated nor threaten by you, but sadly to say, there are some who are…  Many of you reading this post are suppressing who you truly are seeking to please the man you’re with or the man you want…   You’re better than what you’re giving…  Want more that what you’re getting…  And inside of you is more than he’s able to handle…  BUT because you want a man so deeply, you’ve suppressed who you are attempting to be submissive…  The reason so many of you have a problem with submitting to a man is because you believe you have to give up who you are to be who he needs, and this is so far from the truth…

A “man” (in the true form of its meaning) desires a woman who is strong, ambitious, driven, passionate, and independent…  He loves a woman who has a mind of her own, can make decisions, and a woman who is willing to fight for what she wants…  A man is not threatened nor intimidated by what you offer because he knows it only enhances his world…  But the problem many of you are facing is that you don’t have nor want a “man”, but a “f.ckboy”…

Many of you are with your man because he pleases you on the surface mentally, satisfies you at the deepest parts of your ocean, and because he “knows of” the Man you love spiritually. You’re with a man who can’t handle the genius within; your creativity, passion, potential and a man who is draining you of your power…  He’s (Click HERE to read more)


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