Borderline Stalking…

We live in a world where “The Chase” is stimulating to some, confirmation of interest to most, and pretty damn annoying to many…  Some people want you to chase them, go the extra mile to prove just how interested you are, but there are those who don’t find “the chase” so appealing because they’re pretty clear on their position…  I believe there is a huge difference between “Just not into you” and “Playing hard to get”…   Sadly to say, many of you can’t see the difference and as a result, you’re pretty close to stalking the person you’re interested in.

I’m often accused of being naive or blind to the signs of interest.  It’s like everyone around me can see the signs, but my friend’s say I’m clueless to the “Love Darts” being thrown my way.  As a result of this, many times I’m perceived as “Playing hard to get”, and this is far from the truth.  I’m the kind of a guy who knows and goes after what he wants…  I’m a natural hunter, can be aggressive when need be, and the guy who’s not afraid to hear “I’m not into you like that”…  But there’s a flip side to this as well, I’m that guy who doesn’t entertain in the least bit what’s he’s not interested in.  Sometimes I believe my “kindness” is mistaken as “interest” which is completely out of my control.  I’m a very complimentary guy and want everyone to see themselves as God sees them.  In doing this, many times it causes me to have the hard conversation with grown folks who take it a bit too far.

Many of you are taking great measures to show your interest to someone who’s just not into you…  You’re doing things that are “borderline stalker”, but because you’re so consumed in YOU and YOUR feelings, you can’t see that you’re taking things a little bit too far.  So here are a few things you probably should ponder before your next move regarding this person…

  • If you’ve made (Click HERE to read more)


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