Status Update: Still SINGLE!!!


Singles, do ever get tired of people asking you about your love life???  When you’re getting married???  It’s like dayum, I’M STILL SINGLE… Over the weekend I watched the movie “How To Be Single” and surprisingly it was much better than I anticipated… A movie filled with countless truths which depicts the lives of so many singles in the world today.  In the movie you’ll see yourself, whether you’re recently exiting a relationship, fearing getting into another relationship, or embracing your singleness as a gift and not a curse…   I have to admit, I used to struggle with being single.  I used to be one of those guys who had to be in a relationship, couldn’t be alone, and the guy who was searching to fill what felt like emptiness in my life.  Man if there only was a “How to Win the Dating Game” or a “How To Be Single” back then, maybe I wouldn’t have all the notches on my belt, nor would I have the scaring from the wounds of love on my heart.

Many of you reading today are struggling with being single.  You’ve embraced the truth you’re a relationship type of gal/guy; not willing to do the whole “No Strings Attached” type of situation, so what do you do?  If you can’t find a man/woman who compliments the person you are, what do you do?  Honestly, I would normally tell you to “embrace your singleness” and enjoy the “freedom” of it, but not today…  What you are feeling at this very moment is normal.  Buried deeply inside of you are desires, needs, and wants to be loved.  You are human and an emotional being, so no need in telling you to just accept your reality and move forward, but I will share with you a few truths I’ve learned…

  • It’s okay to want a relationship… Don’t be afraid or ashamed to admit your desires, there’s nothing wrong with it.   No need in lying to the world and yourself.  It’s okay to want a relationship, but don’t let wanting a relationship keep you from living your life.  You’re single, not dead…

  • Your feelings are valid…  Don’t allow anyone to discredit, nor make you feel bad about the way you’re feeling.  Your feelings are your feelings, which makes them important to you.  Just because others can’t understand, doesn’t mean they’re unimportant.  Your feelings are valid, but don’t let your feelings keep you from living your life.  You’re single, not dead…

  • Don’t settle for “anyone” to have “someone”…  Rebounds, one night stands, and jumping into a relationship with the first person who shows interest is not the answer nor will it fill what you believe is missing…  Never (Click HERE to read more)


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