Happy Wife, Happy Life…

I think we’ve all heard “Happy Wife, Happy Life” at one time or another, but I have a question for you…  If this is true, why are there soooooo many young married men looking old as hell?  By the looks of it, their wives appear to be happy; young and vibrant, has everything she wants and more, but many of the men are looking miserable; old and restless, and wanting a way out…  So what is it?  Is this whole “happy wife” thing a myth?  Is it Social Media has a way of making a sinking marriage appear to be effortlessly sailing the high seas? Is it because the ole “ball and chain” has imprisoned him in a cell in which he can’t be happy, free, and rule as a man???  What happened to “Happily Ever After”???

Growing up my mother cooked a hot meal 6 days a week (Sunday – Friday…  Saturday, we were on our own)…  She cooked, cleaned, took care of my sisters and I, and until my sisters reached a certain age, my mother prepared my father’s plate at every meal…  Did she ever treat it as a chore, NEVER…  Did she ever complain that I can remember, NEVER…  It was her way of honoring, loving, respecting, and being SUBMISSIVE to my father…  Many of you reading this post are running your man into the ground all because you don’t want to be SUBMISSIVE…  Because you’re more educated, make more money, bring more to the table, you believe this gives you more reasons to hold your stance as this Strong Independent Woman…   What you fail to see is being submissive doesn’t mean you have to be weak, nor does it mean you have to relinquish who you are…  Been submissive just means you allow him to take the lead whether you’re walking behind or beside him…

Now don’t get me wrong, this is not a woman’s bashing post…  The men knew exactly who they were marrying and what they were getting into before saying “I Do”, but many of them fell into marriage…  So what do I mean when I say “fell into marriage”?  Thanks for asking…  The reason many (Click HERE to read more)


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