Married With Single Friends…

Recently I heard a Pastor say over the pulpit “Tell your single friend’s goodbye” to a room filled with married couples… As I sat there and listened to him I began to think about how different my life would be if I had no married friends…  Well I wouldn’t have to listen to all the complaining about him not working, paying the bills on time, not helping with the kids, always wanting to have sex, and how he pisses all over the toilet seat and doesn’t clean up behind himself..  I also wouldn’t have to hear about how she doesn’t clean and cook, doesn’t want to work, doesn’t control nor clean the kids, doesn’t want to have sex, and how she’s repeatedly clogged up the toilet with her feminine products…  So Pastor, some of my married friends don’t have to waste their time telling me “goodbye”, I will serve them their walking papers today…

So why is it some people believe those who are married shouldn’t be friends with those who are single?  And before I even get started, that lie about singles getting involved in your marital problems has to stop…  We can’t get involved in anything you or your spouse don’t involve us in…  If you want us out, keep us out by keeping your business to yourself… Our lives would be much happier without the foolishness of yours..    So back to the blog, here’s are my thoughts…

  • Insecure in their marriage:  Those who are insecure about their spouses having single friends feel “SINGLE’S HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE”…   You see they believe singles are going to influence, tempt, or possibly encourage their mates to step outside of their marriages…  They’re afraid (Click HERE to read more)


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