A 50/50 Relationship…

The other day I was asked “Do you feel like a relationship should be built on one trying to give more than the other, or 50/50?” So let me ask you this same question, what are your thoughts???  (Put your answer in the comment section below)…  Here are mine… I believe this is where many of us go wrong in relationships…  We enter afraid to give more than the other and some of us are entering relationships hoping for a “50/50” deal…  For those of you looking for an equal partnership, make sure you stay out of my face….

You would be surprised at some of the responses received to yesterday’s post “I Wish My Woman Said That!!!”…  It’s amazing how many selfish, scorned, bitter and broken women there are in the world today…  They’re harboring pain; hurt and taking it out on every man they encounter…  If you ever want to know if a woman is scarred, talk about a cheating man…  It’s something about this topic that holds the power to set them off…  So where exactly am I going with this, right? Well I believe there is no such thing as a “50/50 Relationship” when both parties enter in giving 100 percent of themselves…  BUTTTTTTT again, this is where many of us go wrong in a relationship…

Some of you are giving less because of the person you’re with…  You’re a natural giver and you want to give more, but because in your eyes they’re not doing their part, you’re refusing to do yours… You’ll be damn if you allow them to use you up, take everything, but you get nothing, right???  And then there are those of you who are giving less because you’re not going to allow “Becky with the good hair” or “DeAndre with the big ole dingus” reap your labor…  You’ll be damn if you support them in making their dreams become realities; help them build their empire,  and push him/her into greater only to be left with nothing, right???  So to protect your “return”, you “invest” little into the “venture”…

If you’re in a relationship in which you’re not getting what you’re giving and as a result of this you’ve stop giving as much to the success of the relationship…  The problem is not him/her, but YOU…  Relationships (Click HERE to read more)


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