I Wish My Woman Said That!!!


So this morning at the gym I ran into a buddy of mine who has been working his butt off to end year 47 in the best shape ever…  Tomorrow is his birthday, so when seeing him I couldn’t help but notice the progress he’s made since truly committing not only his body, but his mind to transformation… He’s shredded the pounds, visually more defined, and looking pretty darn good…  So I said to him, “Bro, you’re really looking good…  All your hard work has truly paid off, you can really see the results”.  He instantly responded, “I wish my wife said that”.  Of course I just laughed it off, but my creative wheels started turning…

Today I want to talk to the women who are married, seriously dating, and to those of you who are longing to be in a relationship…  It’s sad but true, many of you believe your man doesn’t need validation from time to time…  You believe there isn’t a need or desire to hear words that validates his place in your life…  You’ve allowed the world to convince you men aren’t really into their appearance; need the support of his woman; encouraged (Click HERE to read more)


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