If You Don’t Own Your Past, It Will Own You…


Some of you are sitting on some of the most creative ideas a person could ever imagine, but you’re allowing who you were to block you from becoming who you’re destined to be…  There are some of you who are connected with the love of your life, but because of your ugly past you believe there’s no hope for a beautiful future with him/her, so you run at the first possibility of your dreams coming true…  Then there are those of you who were caught up in a scandal, you were exposed for the world to see just how big of a whore, thief, same gender loving, cheater, abuser, convicted felon, drug using person you were…  Because of your dirty secrets, you now hide in the darkness of shame…

Regardless to what your past may be, right now in the present you’ve convinced yourself that no one will ever accept, listen to, be blessed by, changed because of , or willing to invest in someone like you.  You’ve changed, but fear everyone sees you as the person you once were.  Every time you stand to speak, no matter how good you look in the present, in the back of your mind you picture them seeing the person you were in the past.  When seeing someone from the good ole days you immediately shut down because you’re instantly transported back to the moment in which they saw the “you” you used to be…    You want to move forward, but the chains of shame has trapped you in a moment you can’t change…

What I know for sure is…  If you don’t own your past, your past will own you…  Many of you are so afraid of whether or not the people around you are going to accept (Click HERE to read more)


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