Don’t Touch My Leftovers…

Over the weekend I was flipping through channels and came across an episode of Real Housewives of New York…  It just so happened they were having a conversation I found myself recently having with a good friend of mine, so I took that as confirmation this is something I need to write about…  Two of the women on the show were battling over one dating the “ex” of the other.   The woman who’s now the “ex” felt as though the “Friend Code” had been violated and broken.  She felt as though the other woman out of respect should have given her the common courtesy as to say “Hey, I’m interested in ……., I know the two of you had a thing at one time or another, so I wanted to know if you would have a problem with me dating him???”  Of course if they’re battling, this didn’t happen…

As I sat there and watched I began to think about the “ex’s” of some of my friends and pondered if any of them are phine enough for me to even go there…  After about three seconds of pondering, I immediately came to the conclusion “Hell To The Naw”…   Call me old fashion, but I’m not one who really likes leftovers….  Growing (Click HERE to read more)


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