Don’t Let The “Scary” Out Too Soon…

So this week I had an interview with the Melting Pot Radio Network and the question “When should you share personal information?” surfaced…  This question is kinda tricky because what some people consider personal could be scary to others and possibly deter the other person from moving forward…

So it’s Friday and I thought I would keep it lite and easy….  Many of you are gearing up for a date this weekend, so I thought I would share a few “Scary” things you may want to hold off on sharing so soon… NOTE:  If you’ve passed the first date and you believe the relationship is moving in a direction of something serious…  You may want to share if you’ve been locked up; living with a disease (CURABLE OR INCURABLE); whether or not you have children; that you wouldn’t even qualify for credit to purchase a toothpick; that you were born a different sex than what they see across the table and oh yeah let us not forget the one many of you forget to share upfront, YOU’RE MARRIED…  You know things that would impact the future of the other person, but here we go…

  • Number of sexual partners…  Does it even matter how many people you’ve slept with???  It’s your past, so what does (Click HERE to read more)


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