Saved, Sanctified, And Still Single…


One of the most draining conversations normally happens when talking with Single Christian Women…  If the two of you weren’t friends prior to talking, you’d probably think they were bipolar…  Within one conversation you’re whisked away on a non-stop journey of emotions…  Find yourself being empathetic as well as sympathetic…  Confused most of the time and if you didn’t know God for yourself, you would think He needs the help of EHarmony, Christian Mingle, Plenty Of Fish, Tender, Black People Meet and so many other websites designed to assist the “Ruth” of the 21st Century meet her “Boaz”….

For years man have been pegged as being the “Biggest Liar” of all times, but this is far from the truth…  Sure men lie, get busted when they forget the many lies told, but if you want to know the truth, “The Single Christian Woman” is number one on the list…  You see not only does she lie to the world and herself “I’m okay being by myself”, but she unknowingly lie to God.  Lies like “I’m waiting on You God to send me a husband”…  Is that so???  But I guess to her defense, “Faith without works is void”, so that’s the reason why she’s at every Singles Ministry Fellowship (ONLY – No bible study, outreach, etc.)…  It clears up why she spends countless hours in group chats about dating…  It explains why she has money for a new dress, a pair of shoes and keeping her hair and eye lashes on fleek, yet she has no money to pay her tithes…  She’s working the hell out of her faith to intersect the man God is sending her way….

Then there are those women who are secretly upset with God because of their current relationship status…  “God created me to be married” is what they say, so because (Click HERE to read)


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