You Should Have Stayed With Your Ex…

.I have a friend who has dated the same man for years…  No matter how many times she ended the relationship, she always finds herself right back where she just left… She finds herself with a man who is not only physically abusive, but a man who beats the crap out of her mentally.  A man who lacks respect, controls and manipulates, and a man who calls her names her mother never considered or thought of giving her…  She says she wants a man who treats her like the woman she knows she is, but she always finds herself with the same man…  I wish I could tell you this is only ONE man, but it’s many… My friend constantly dates the same man over and over again, but he has a different face and name…

Like many of you she jumps from relationship to relationship expecting the new one to be better than the last and like many of you, she’s sadly mistaking…  In the beginning it’s refreshing and the idea of getting to know someone different always ignites a fuel and passion in you, but after a few weeks you realize (Click HERE to read more)


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