Why Your Ex’s “Next” Is Getting What You Didn’t…

Don’t it just piss you off seeing your Ex’s “Next” enjoy the fruits of your labor???  You know fruits of all the pushing him/her into greater; helping him/her see their true potential, and the fruits of you dealing with the immaturity and “lack of” for years only to see them give someone else what you had been asking for and truly deserved… You were the one who was there when he/she didn’t have a clue as to what “fashion” was; when he/she didn’t have a job, car, place to live; when he/she wasn’t as fit and phine as they are today; when their teeth was stacked up and skin was all jacked up; when he/she wasn’t able to keep their pants zipped, but after years of going through pure hell now he/she has changed, but you’re not enjoying the “new and improved”.

You had the person they “used to be”.  The person who was a liar, somewhat abusive, and the person who never felt comfortable in your bed only…   You had the person who was lazy, wasn’t presentable, and the person that couldn’t be trusted…  You can only remember all the nights you stayed up thinking of how he/she could be better….  The days when you sacrificed your (Click HERE to read more)


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