We Just Kickin’ It…


“We just kickin’ it” is the reason some of your windows have been busted out your car, your tires were slit, and the reason those “Sexting” pictures were plastered all over Social Media…  It’s the reason you were cursed out, nearly punched/slapped, and the reason many of you are living with a butt load of regrets…  Whether it was you who spoke the words or you who received the words, today you wish you would have never laid eyes on him/her….

So exactly what does “we just kickin’ it” actually means?   Well according to the “I’ve Been Played” Dictionary it means there isn’t a commitment; both parties are in agreement with a “no strings attached” type of situation, both parties are free to date multiple people at once…  As liberating and freeing as this type of situation appears to be, it has left many of you chained to hurt, feelings of being used, and hate for someone who may or may not be guilty…

So when and where does “we just kickin’ it” go wrong?  Well it goes wrong when one of the two people offers; freely gives, or responds to a request without clearly (Click HERE to read more)


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