Dogs Don’t Share Bones…


I think we’ve all heard “No dog wants a bone other dogs have licked on…”  For centuries dogs have been used to describe many of the characteristics of a Man… Characteristics like loyalty, being territorial, the inability to commit, the desire to protect, and the unwillingness to share its bone…  It’s something about a bone that both dog and man have a problem taking as his own after a pack of other dogs have licked and sucked on.  In regards to a dog, I doubt if “hygiene” is the problem seeing that a dog uses his tongue as toilet paper, so I would just have to assume it’s the thought of coming in second or possibly third…

I’m blown away when seeing women who have dated or found themselves attracted to more than one man in a circle of friends…  She’s the outsider, have slept with one or two men within the “Brotherhood”, yet she’s confused as to why one of them hasn’t made her his prize.  Sure you can’t help who you fall in love with, but you can control (Click HERE to read more)


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