5 Signs You’re NOT On A Date…


Over the weekend I had one of the most interesting encounters I’ve had in a pretty long time…  Long story short, I thought I was just “hanging out”, however she thought it was a “date”…  So where did things go wrong, right???  Well to be honest, I believe like many of you, she missed the signs slapping her dead in the face…  So that you don’t leave a date feeling as though egg is running down the front of your face, here are “5 Signs You’re NOT On A Date…”


  • If he says “I’m going to be at …… around 7 p.m., you’re welcome to join me”, YOU’RE NOT ON A DATE…  Clearly he has plans of hanging out whether you choose to join him or not…  He’s extending the invitation as a courtesy because he evidently enjoys your company, believes you could possibly enhance his evenings, or because there’s a possibility hanging out with you is just like hanging out with “One of the guys”.  What I know for sure is…  Ladies, you need a man who is CLEAR, PRECISE, and a man who PURPOSELY makes it known he wants you in the place with him…  If you are unclear of whether or not you’re on a date, set no expectations of one…  Take your purse with more than your lipstick in it and be prepared to pay for your own drinks and meals…

  • If you’re running late and he doesn’t text nor call to see where you are or if you’re okay, YOU’RE NOT ON A DATE…   Men are born protectors and if there is interest in you and he really wants you in the place, he’s going to at least (Click HERE to read more)


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