“Three – Lationship”…

So I have this buddy who so happens to be single, God fearing, educated, employed, drug and disease free, financially secure and not bad on the eyes, but he seems to have a problem getting past date number three.  From what he has shared he meets a great deal of women who are truly on their game, looking to settle down, and women who possess the qualities of being a great wife, but after that second date, things seem to go south…  Because these women are truly on their game they notice and pay attention to the red lights flashing right before their eyes…  You know lights like he talks non-stop during the day via text and phone call, but after about 8 p.m. things begin to simmer down like a good ole pot of Spaghetti Sauce…

Being the smart women they are the first question asked is “Are you married??”  As stated before, he’s SINGLE, so nope…  Next question, “Do you have a girlfriend?? Boyfriend??”  (Yeah boyfriend, it’s 2016 folks)  As stated before, he’s SINGLE, so nope…  Many of them stop here, but there’s that one who won’t let it go, so she ask “Are you living with someone???”…  And this is where the plane tends to descend…  He’s (Click HERE to read more)


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