Why It’s Hard To Trust People These Days…


I believe the greatest form of hurt when loving someone is “betrayal”…  When “I love you” falls into the shadows of someone’s careless actions…  Actions that goes against those three words which later has an everlasting impact on the future.  It doesn’t matter if it’s cheating or lies; later finding out the person you’ve fallen in love with really doesn’t exist; stealing; physically, emotionally or mentally abusing, if it goes against “I love you”, betrayal is born…

Many of you find it so hard to trust people these days…  Your walls are taller than the Burj Khalifa (Tallest building in the world) and everyone you come in contact with you question their motives, intentions, and their ability to take you back to the place you’ve vowed never to return.  You’ve been hurt so many times, more times than you can count so “How can I trust someone when I’ve been hurt so badly?” runs through your mind each and every day and as a result of this, you find yourself either “single and miserable” or “married and miserable”…

In your heart you want to trust again because you see the damage it is causing you, but no matter how hard you try, you just can’t…  The few times you’ve tried in the past, your “Next” did exactly what your “Ex” vowed never to do.  You’re guarded with your heart, careful with your words, and cautious of the words and actions of everyone you come in contact with.  So why is it so hard for (Click HERE to read more)


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