“If I Only Had A Man…”

What if the Emerald City really existed?  “The Great Oz” could truly grant wishes?  I could only imagine this would be the most visited destination in the world… Lines would extend for miles and it would take days of waiting to ask “The Great Oz” for those things many have waited their entire lives for…  God would handle the big things like healing, miracles, restoring the lives of those who are broken, and supplying your every need…  You know the things only He can handle…  “The Great Oz” would handle the “wants” and what could be perceived as the petty things in life… You know like a brand new car, house, better job, more money, etc…  I can only imagine his greatest act would be pulling a man from behind the curtain…

Women from across the world would line up hoping to fill that empty spot in their life… The conversation many women have while at dinner would be the common thread of all those who wait in line… After days of waiting and finally meeting “The Great Oz” they would say “If I Only Had A Man” my life would be so much different than what it is and has been… I would have the children I’ve wanted for years…  I would be traveling to all the places I’ve dreamed of…  I wouldn’t be overweight from depression, stress, and hurt of not having a man in my life…  I wouldn’t be financially broke from over extending my bank account buying clothes, make up, body shape garments in which men never even noticed…

“If I Only Had A Man” my life would be so much better, happier, and healthier…  I wouldn’t secretly be jealous of my friends who are married…  I wouldn’t compare (Click HERE to read more)


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