“Love” Is An All Or Nothing Kind Of Thing…

An excerpt from “Naked”

Truth:  You deserve to be loved…

Here’s the truth…

With the complexity of dating, game players and the fear of being alone, many people both men and women have found themselves involved with someone who’s currently in a committed relationship.

They’ve taken on the role of the “Other Woman”, “Sponsor”, “Mistress”, “Sugar Daddy”, “Side Chic” and many other names in which can describe someone  who is on the outside of the relationship.   Many were aware from the start, yet there are those who are now trapped in a situation in which their feelings make it hard to unlock chains holding them bondage to a situation that can possibly lead to disaster.

There are hidden dangers as well as visible dangers that so many fail to see while involved in these types of situations.  The most overlooked danger is the person on the outside will never be number one, and in most situations the party who’s currently involved in the relationship says things like “If I could leave, I would”, “I’m trying to figure out a way to break it off”, or “I can’t leave because…..”  only to keep the key to the chains.

The truth is… Loving someone can be hard at times, but loving someone who belongs to someone else is harder.  Because humans are emotional beings, there are moments when feelings block views of reality.  Love is an “ALL OR NOTHING” feeling, and it starts with the individual.  If you don’t love yourself first, you will settle for what appears to be love from someone else.

I’ve learned over the years people are taught how to treat us through our actions, not our words.  Staying with someone who is involved with someone else, only communicates “you’re okay with it”.  Walking away may be hard, but staying is only harder.  Do you love you? Are you okay with being the other person?  Or are you willing to love yourself to unlock the chains and walk away?  You deserve love, so start loving yourself…

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One thought on ““Love” Is An All Or Nothing Kind Of Thing…

  1. The title is so true. Real true love is selfless to the point of passing through death for another.

    It’s something you totally give up everything to be in accord with.

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