I Gave You The World…


I came across a quote that said “You can give someone the world and in return – not have a place in it…”  Often I’m asked why I’m not in a relationship and my response always goes like this…  “I haven’t found the one I can trust myself with…” Now when hearing this it may sound as though I’m needing someone who can keep my secrets, etc, which is not the case at all…  My past is what it is and if it happened before you, won’t hurt you today, it’s none of your business…  However when saying this, it means I haven’t found the one I can trust my future, dreams, and aspirations with…  You know the one who’s going to push me into greater…  The one who’s going to support my dreams…  The one who may not understand or see the vision, but believe in it because it’s me…   Seems like it would be easy to find, but you’ll be surprised how difficult it is…

Because I’m a visionary and passionate about the path I believe God has purposed and planned for my life, I understand it’s going to require someone who is unique to help me fulfill.  Someone who understands helping me is helping us….  Now don’t get me wrong, if you know me at all, you know I’m the biggest supporter of everyone I come in contact with, so just imagine how supportive I would be of the one I love…  Passion and drive is the sexiest quality I believe anyone can possess.  When you’re passionate about SOMETHING, doesn’t have to be music, writing, blogging, but SOMETHING that makes you smile, I believe you are one sexy mother (shut yo mouth)…  Sadly to say, many of you reading are selfish, secretly insecure, and in competition with your mate…

The reason the quote stood out to me is because many of you are afraid of giving your mate the world and ending up with nothing.    You’re afraid of helping them reach their goals and later leaving you for someone else. For example:  some women won’t help their man because they’re afraid “Becky” is going to reap the benefits of their hard work, sacrifices and commitment to their man’s dream, so they sit back and do nothing…  Men are afraid of helping their women reach her goals and later ends up making more money, being the bread winner, taking control of the finances, so they do nothing or they complain she’s away from the house too much.

In the world today it seems as though everyone is out for themselves, yet they want to be a couple…  Seems like more and more people are building separate kingdoms and once they meet their King/Queen, they’re unable to merge the two without (Click HERE to read more)


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