The Grass Always Look Greener…


I think we’ve all heard “The grass is always greener on the other side”…  But it appears they’ve left a couple of truths off in which should follow this…  You see the grass is always greener when you’re not watering and taking care of your own; you’re not paying the water bill that results in the grass being as green as it is, and it’s always greener when you’re not mowing it.

Yesterday I found myself engaged in a conversation with a friend of mine who’s struggling in his marriage…  It seems his wife isn’t stepping up to the plate like he believes she should, so he’s finding himself entertaining an outsider.  From what he’s shared there hasn’t been any physically interaction with him and the outsider, however mentally there’s an orgasmic eruption….   The outsider gives him everything he’s lacking not only in his marriage, but his life…  She validates, affirms, and treats him like the man he know he is…  She’s always there with a positive word, ready to encourage him when he’s feeling down, and she’s that breathe of fresh air in what appears to be a polluted life…  I know what you’re thinking, this guy needs a mother, not a wife…

So after an hour of being the great listener I am, I had to stop and remind him “the grass always look greener on the other side”.  He’s described the outsider as being this perfect woman who understands him completely, someone who accepts him without judgement, and someone who is very supportive of his dreams and passion…  In his eyes she’s the next best thing since Blue Bell “Butter Pecan” Ice Cream,and in her eyes,he is the same…  But what she doesn’t know is the truth as to why his wife appears to be non-supportive, always a grouch, and not always willing to have sex….  The outsider only gets part of him, whereas the wife gets the full and complete package…

Wife gets the man who hasn’t (Click HERE to read more)


2 thoughts on “The Grass Always Look Greener…

  1. You are so right. I am the wife who has done everything. Coped with the abuse, sadness, loneliness, lies and debt. My husband told me he had found his soul mate. She turned out to be a prostitute who was also with another married man at the same time as him. He kept going back to the woman he thought was perfect. I feel used. You are right the grass is never greener.

    • You may feel used today, but as you heal, you will one day want to thank him… Forgive him and set yourself free, so much better ahead of you, but you cant see it if youre looking behind you…

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