No Paper, No Love… You’re Still Married…


Never in a million years would I have imagined “”Separated” Is “Married”” and “Side Chic’s” would have received so much attention.  It seems as though I’ve struck a nerve with many of you reading…  I’ve been Inbox’d on Facebook, held multiple conversations, received emails, and also a few Google+ messages all dealing with women justifying (not debating according to them) the reason it is okay for someone “separated” to date…  As stated on Monday, I was just writing a post based on a conversation I had over the weekend…  Never thinking so many of you were wearing the shoes I was writing about…  Shoes which have transported you into a place known as “denial”…

I don’t care how you toss it, THEY ARE STILL MARRIED…  You can make up excuses as to why you’re with them, BUT THEY ARE STILL MARRIED…  He/she may be emotionally disconnected to their spouse,BUT THEY ARE STILL MARRIED… May not be able to afford the cost of a divorce, BUT THEY ARE STILL MARRIED…  Now don’t get me wrong, there is no judgement here at all, you do what you feel you can handle…  The post was never meant to make you feel less than (only you can do this), it only stated the facts “Separated” Is “Married” and if you’re not the one who said “I Do”, you’re the “Side Chic” or the “Plumber cleaning pipes”….

So why did this post step all over your toes??? I’m a stranger who knows nothing about you…  Well it crushed those bunions because it echoed what everyone else has told you…  It amplified what your conscious daily speaks to you…   it’s exactly what you’ve told your friends who found themselves in similar situations, and it poked at the wound of “guilt” on your heart…  I don’t know you, but the post spoke directly to you…

But since you’ve opened this can a worm, here are five things I want you to know…

  • When dating someone who is separated (married), you are emotionally tying yourself to someone who is physically tied to someone else…  It doesn’t matter if they’re emotionally disconnected, they’re still physically…

  • When dating someone who is separated (married), you’ve reached the pinnacle of that relationship…  Getting (Click HERE to read more)


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