“Side Chic’s”…


Many of you reading this post are “Side Chic’s” and 100% innocent…  You and your man talk every day, have dinner at least once a week; you’ve met his friends and you’ve even stayed the night at his place….  He’s promised you that ring and gown you’ve dreamed of your entire life and to be honest, he hasn’t given any signs of him having a wife and kids on the other side of town…  Whether or not people believe this, it is possible for women to go clueless as to what is really going on…

Living in a world where our jobs requires us to travel 50% – 75% of the time…  A world where percentages of your paycheck can be deposited into multiple accounts…  A world where we’re able to have payments deducted out of our accounts to eliminate a paper trail, it is possible for a woman to be the “Side Chic” and completely unaware of this…   Now to those of you reading who are completely unaware of your man’s situation…  Hopefully one day you’ll listen to that soft voice whispering “Something’s not right”…   You’ll take a nap, wake up with some sense, and trust that you’re not crazy and making up things…

Today, I’m writing about the women who are completely aware their man is married…As stated in yesterday’s blog, many people believe because they are “Separated”, they’re clear to date whomever they choose, and this is a bunch of ish…   So when does the “Side Chic” move from being innocent to guilty??? Well she becomes guilty as soon as she finds out the one she’s emotionally tied to is physically tied to someone else…    Trust me when I say I understand there are a lot of good men who are “separated”, however because of their situation they are NOT GOOD FOR YOU…    Sure they’re  (Click HERE to read more)


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