“Separated” Is “Married”…

So over the weekend I had lunch with a beautiful, intelligent, ambitious woman who is passionate about life!!!  I mean the food was great, weather was awesome, and the conversation was amazing…  As the lunch progressed she began to share with me some of her most recent dating experiences, which in return birth so many blogs for me to share with you…  So today I want to talk about those people who are married, maybe emotionally disconnected from their spouse, and possibly living in a different spot…  You know those people who are “separated”…   Now call me crazy, but I just don’t understand how someone who is separated from their spouse feels it’s okay to date…  I mean honestly this tends to throw me for a loop every time…  I don’t care what you want to call it, but THEY ARE MARRIED…    If there is no signed, notarized paper work that decrees the divorce  or if the County Office doesn’t have filed away a death certificate, THEY’RE STILL MARRIED…

Many of you find yourself tangled up with someone who is “Living with my homebody/homegirl”; “On the outs”,  “Tired of her b…hing and complaining”, “Sick of his broke @$$”, and someone who is saving enough money to hire a lawyer, yet they are still considered married by God and the state in which they live…  Maybe you didn’t know it when you first met him/her, for whatever reason they decided it wasn’t best to share this bit (Click HERE to read more)


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