I Want Us Back…

Have you ever loved someone with every fiber in your body?  Built your entire life around them?  Gave them the very best of you, but out of nowhere they were gone?  Whether it was physically or emotionally, they are no longer available to you?

Because you still love him/her you can’t help but reminisce on the good days…  The days when things were great; they wanted to be around you just as much as you wanted to be around them.  The days when it was evident they had your back, loved you deeply, and the days when you didn’t question whether or not they wanted to be there…  These were the days when you knew you were the only one; felt security with your place in their life, and the days when you would have never imagined being where you are today…

For whatever reason, they’re gone…  They’ve either left the relationship mentally, emotionally, or possibly physically…  Their words tells you they want the relationship, but their actions scream “I’m done with this”…  You’ve asked “What is it I’m doing wrong?”; “What can I do to make you happy?”, and he/she responded “You’re not doing anything wrong, it’s me…  I’m the one with the problem…”  But no matter how hard you try to fix the problem, or how much you want to believe him/her, you can’t help but to think it’s YOU…  That you’re lacking something, not paying attention to his/her needs, or that there is someone else who now holds their heart…

You’ve tried everything…  You’ve spiced up the sex life…  Started working out, loss weight, started eating better…  Cut and colored your hair, purchased new clothes…  Started keeping the house cleaner; cooking dinner more often, and on those days when you knew (Click HERE to read more)


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