When You Know What You Know…


Sadly to say, if you were born prior to 1986, more than likely you believe “modesty” is a great quality to have.   Growing up you were taught to be confident, yet humble and in those moments where you appeared to be giving too much confidence, you were told to back off…  Overly confident was perceived as being conceited, cocky; arrogant and if you are a female, you’re being a “B”.   Because of “modesty” many of you struggle with your worth, settling for less than you deserve, or you find yourself regretting not stepping up to the plate more often these days… Don’t get me wrong, you know you’re smart, creative, inventive, beautiful/handsome, skilled and qualified, but because of this thing called “modesty” you’re constantly overlooked for jobs; continue to stay in relationships you shouldn’t be in, and you’re the ones who always find themselves left behind.

The difference between a “Jerk” and a “Modest Person” is the “Jerk” is willing to do what the “Modest Person” won’t.  They’re not concerned with how you perceive them, whether or not you like them, nor do they look back while passing you on the race track known as “LIFE”.    Their eyes are on the prize, not on your feelings…  Being concerned with what others think isn’t a distraction of theirs, but it is yours…  The “Jerk” doesn’t fear speaking up when they’ve been mistreated…  The “Jerk” doesn’t worry about if their spouse/mate is going to walk out the door if they express their feelings…  The “Jerk” isn’t going to beg for love, time, commitment, nor dedication from someone who should give it freely…  The “Jerk” knows exactly what they bring to the table and they’re not settling for anything less than what they deserve, but this is not your story…

You’re worried about how others are going to view you, whether or not they’re going to like you, if they’re going to think you’re a jerk or a “B”, and you’re concerned with (Click HERE to read more)


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