You’re Begging AGAIN???

So many times we compromise who we are and minimize how great we are for the attention of others…  Whether it’s intimate or platonic, many times we ask, request and sadly to say for some of you, beg for what should be freely given….  Because we find ourselves lost in our emotions, we fail to recognize exactly who we are and all we have to offer…  Today, I want to share 4 things you should “NEVER BEG” for…

So here we go…

  •  Never beg anyone to spend time with you…  This one is simple, people do what they want to do and what they don’t, they make excuses….  If you have to beg someone to make time for you, maybe this isn’t someone you should make time for…  Those who genuinely love you, love to be around you…

  • Never beg anyone to love you…  “Love” can be a beast at times…  If only “love” was something guaranteed both parties would find for each other; a feeling that would grow at the same pace, and an emotion that didn’t hurt so bad….  “Love” is an expression that is freely given by one to another…  It can’t be forced, nor does it happen “On Demand”…  “Love” is driven by a choice to let down walls and barriers, and a choice to unlock the door to the heart that will occupy it.  If someone is unwilling to open that door, or if someone has closed that door to you because of various reasons, there’s nothing you can do to change (Click HERE to read more)


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