When “Enough Is Enough”

Some of you reading this post are currently in a situation you know you shouldn’t be in, but for whatever reason, you’re there.  Your family and friends have advised you to leave, your head is telling you to walk away, but for whatever reason, you’re still there.   A valuable lesson I had to learn for myself is no matter how bad others want you to walk away from a situation, until you’re ready, there’s nothing anyone can do or say that will convince you otherwise.   You see the signs just like they do…  Recognize the person or it is no good for you just like they do…  And deep down inside you know you should walk away just like they do…  BUTTTT, you’re still there…

Many of you are still in situations because you haven’t reached the point of “enough is enough”…  You know that point when there’s nothing they can say or do to keep you there…  The point when you’ll continue to pay your half of the rent at their place where your name is on the lease and play full rent at your new place to be rid of them…  You haven’t reached that point where you don’t care what others are going to say about your failed marriage, failed relationship, or your failures in general…  Currently (Click HERE to read more)


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